lead a healthier life

Trick your metabolism and lead a healthier life

Your metabolism helps you in deriving energy from food and thereby directly influences your body. One can increase their body ...

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Hand drawing heartbeat

Heart Diseases caused by obesity are threatening little kids

Over the past few years, obesity in children has been increasing rapidly due to the changes in lifestyle and added ...

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Having more kids

Having more kids can slow down signs of aging in women

Women who have more kids have more responsibilities and things to look out for but a new research suggests that ...

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Trace Smart Band

Noise unveilsTrace Smart Band to track your work out sessions

Upcoming smart gadgets are not only designed to be functional, but to enhance your style statement as well. The latest ...

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drinking milk  after practicing sport

A study suggests health benefits of organic meat and milk

According to an International study, organic meat and milk have come out as foods that offer you great health benefits.As ...

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Flo Smart contactless thermometer (1)

Flo: Smart contactless thermometer gives accurate reading

The latest Flo thermometer is IoT health gadget that’s designed to make your life comfortable and easy. Designed specifically for ...

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Body Mass Index

Is Body Mass Index correct way to calculate obesity?

BMI or Body Mass Index is a formula that measures the level of fat in human body,considering the height and ...

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Air Visual Node 1

Bring home Air Visual Node to improve indoor air quality

Living in cities means being habitual to a polluted environment. But homeowners try tomaintain freshness in within the house with ...

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Style with Kind Transit

Travel Safely and in Style with King Transit

Deemed to be the rush order and special request transportation specialist in Ontario, King Transit MVA Services offers licensed mobility ...

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Dental treatment

Dental Financing Made Easier With SimplePay Dental Finance Service

Every year dentists tend to lose a lot of patients due to unscheduled treatments that never take place owing to ...

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Stethoscope Close

Pro HEALTH Urgent Care

If the spread of diseases from the past have kept you up nights with worry, you’re not alone in your ...

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BUDDY  (5)

BUDDY: An interactive therapy solution for autistic children

Autistic children face difficulties forming relationships and have communication problems, so parents are always on a lookout for ways that ...

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