Spartan boxers (2)

Shield you manhood from cellphone radiations with Spartan boxers

According to several studies, the harsh radiations coming out of your smartphone and Wi-Fi have bad effects of your health. ...

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Opter Sleep  (2)

Opter Sleep keeps tab on your resting and sleeping habits

Although the market is full of sleep trackers nowadays, but Opter Sleep is a device that’s designed to improve your ...

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Moderate Drinking health benefits (1)

Moderate Drinking health benefits: Genuine or flawed?

The recent publications that linked the increased life span of certain people with moderate drinking, has been questioned again. Under ...

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Making healthier choices with Shae- your personal advanced virtual assistant

Among other leaps in the field of Biomedical Research, Shae has entered the virtual world with its launch over Kickstarter ...

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E-skin health tracker

Most awaited E-skin health tracker is few steps away from releasing

Making another big leap in the development of Electronic skin that tests the wearer’s vital statistics and health status, researchers ...

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Cor blood testing kit (2)

Cor blood testing kit can be used at home via smartphone

Cor is smartphone-controlled spectroscopy and blood testing kit that’s designed to provide you all your health related information at home. ...

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Contraception (2)

Contraception without the side effects can soon be possible

For all the ladies that have to pop a pill every day in order to prevent conception, this new research ...

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Walking burns more calories  (2)

Walking burns more calories than you may think

People mostly believe that walking does not burn as much calories as other exercises, such as running, squats, etc. So ...

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Cocaine increases risk

Cocaine increases risk of strokes in young people

The University of Maryland experts reveal that consumption of cocaine in adults can increase the risk of strokes six times, ...

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Small but invasive next generation wearable devices

There are many wearable devices available in the form of wrist gadgets including Fitbit that tracks the steps walked, heart ...

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include eggs in your diet (1)

Six healthy reasons to include eggs in your diet

Eggs are one of the most nutritious food items because of the presence of high quality proteins, minerals, good fats ...

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osteoarthritis                                (2)

Paracetamol is not an effective remedy for arthritis

Paracetamol delivers pain-relieving benefits from conditions such as fever, cold, backache, headache and arthritis. However, paracetamol can treat mild arthritis ...

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